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Reporting Changes

The West Palm Beach Housing Authority requires that all families report any changes in writing, in person, within 14 days of the change occurring. Examples of household changes are listed below but are not limited to:

Types of Changes

  • Income
  • Family Composition
  • Deductions
  • Allowances
  • Other Adults
  • Income From Wages
  • Welfare Payments
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Social Security (SS) or Supplemental Security
  • Income (SSI) Benefits
  • Veteran Benefits
  • Pension, Retirement, etc.
  • Income from Assets
  • Monies received on behalf of a child, such as: Child Support, TANK (AFDC) payments
  • Social Security for Children, etc.
  • Self Employment

NOTE: All changes must be reported in person and in writing within 14 days that the change occurred.

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