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A Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher participant who has been issued a voucher has the right to use their tenant-based voucher assistance to lease a unit anywhere in the United States, providing that the unit is located within the jurisdiction of a Public Housing Agency (PHA) administering a tenant-based voucher program. The process by which a family obtains a voucher from one PHA and uses it to lease a unit in the jurisdiction of another PHA is known as Portability. The PHA that issues the voucher is called the initial PHA. The PHA that has jurisdiction in the area to which the family wants to move is called the receiving PHA.

NOTE: Some Housing Authority require families to reside in their jurisdiction for one year prior to utilizing portability in the tenant-based voucher program.

If you are interested in moving to another area or want to move to Palm Beach County, please inform a Housing Choice Specialist/Counselor at your Housing Agency, and they will begin the Portability Process on your behalf.

Please click here for things you should know about incoming portability.

The Initial PHA must mail Portability Packets to the following address:

West Palm Beach Housing Authority
3700 Georgia Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Attn: Portability Department

Portability Packets will not be accepted if faxed or hand carried by the participant. It may take approximately 2 to 3 weeks for the Portability Department to receive your paperwork in the office.

For questions regarding your portability application, call 561.655.8530.

Please click here to view HUD 2016-09 - How Does Portability Work? See pages 48-49.

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