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West Palm Beach Housing Authority

West Palm Beach, Florida

The West Palm Beach Housing Authority (WPBHA) was established by the City of West Palm Beach in 1938 pursuant to Florida Statute Section 421 and the enactment of the National Housing Act of 1937. The City formed the agency to provide safe, decent and affordable housing to families and individuals with limited financial resources.

WPBHA serves Palm Beach County with 439 Low-Income Public Housing and Rental Assistance Demonstration Program units and manages 4,106 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. WPBHA Asset Management properties support the Elderly, Disabled, and Multifamily.

In 2022, the WPBHA was designated a Moving To Work Agency by HUD. MTW Agencies are industry leaders in designing and testing innovative housing programs at a local level. The WPBHA's designation is a testament to the dedication of our staff and our commitment to finding local, responsive, and creative approaches to ensuring safe, decent, and affordable housing within our community.

The Housing Center of the Palm Beaches (HCPB) is an umbrella designation that encompasses multiple business activities including our Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments also known as our Enterprise Program.

Map showing the location of West Palm Beach in FL. Map showing the location of West Palm Beach in FL.

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