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Portability Process


Approved Payment Standards - Effective January 2017

90% - 100% of the HUD Approved Fair Market Rents (FMRs)

(Payment Standards are Subject to Change)

Please find listed below the process when porting to the WPBHA jurisdiction

Currently the WPBHA is billing only. Participants are allowed to live throughout Palm Beach County, in any type of unit (single family home, apartment, duplex, etc.), and the voucher and subsequent unit size would be determined by your household composition/ or what is issued to you based on your initial HA policy. Our current payment standard per bedroom size are as follow: (minus the utility allowance).

West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, 2018 Fair Market Rents

Please make sure you follow your current Housing Authority’s Portability procedures to ensure your process is expedited properly.  WPBHA process is as follows:

1. Original Portability documentation must be mailed to:

LaTasha Braithwaite

West Palm Beach Housing Authority
3700 Georgia Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Or you may email portability documentation to: Lbraithwaite@wpbha.org

2. This documentation must include: Form 52665, Voucher, Form 50058, Recent EIV Report, and proof of income from last recertification, and valid forwarding mailing address and phone number.

3. Copies of Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards for the entire Household & Government issued Picture ID for all adults are also welcomed to be included in the Port Submission.

4. Once this information is received an appointment letter for Intake & Briefing will be mailed to you.

5. It is imperative that the head of household along with all adults 18 years and older attend the schedule briefing. The family should also have temporary housing prepared as the Portability process is lengthy

6. Only after you have completed the Intake & Briefing will you be issued a voucher & Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) packet to search for a unit.

7. After the RFTA is completed between the family and the prospective owner/landlord, the family must contact the assigned housing specialist to schedule an appointment to determine if the family is eligible for the unit that was found.  If eligible, the inspection will be requested and the unit will be inspected within fourteen (14) days.

8. The family is authorized to move into the unit once it has passed inspection and there is an executed lease between the tenant and landlord.

9. Families who move into a unit prior to a passed inspection and the WPBHA approval is responsible for any rent that the landlord request.l families porting to the WPBHA must pass a criminal background.